What is TMP Extension? How to Open TMP File ?

TMP Extension is created to store the temporary information of programs during the implementation. Sometime programs that are running are unable to allocate enough memory to the file. Due to which program get unsafe to deliver productive output to the user. To overcome this issue, TMP Extension has created. This provides the temporary storage to the errors notification and initialise the signal that something is not good in the program. Number of computer programs created with TMP File so that it can get proper memory allocation for all execution. Well this can be easily deleted from the system but sometime few of these left inside the computer. They consistently occupy space and it is tough to remove them manually. When they get deleted automatically by the system, they leave the space which they had occupied. But in case of manually delete, it is not easy to do so because user cannot know which file has null information. The file user would delete, may contain some information which could be essential for the program.

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